Right/Left Heart Catheterisation

Right heart catheter

A Right Heart Catheter is a procedure to assess the right side of the heart to see the pressures in the pulmonary arteries for Pulmonary Hypertension, assess cardiac output and assess right heart oxygen levels.

Left heart catheter

A Left Heart Catheter is a procedure to see if the arteries or bypass grafts that supply the heart muscle with nutrients and oxygen are narrowed or blocked.

The procedure is generally performed under light sedation, local anaesthetic and pain relief. In order to prevent involuntary movements during your procedure, your arms may need to be gently secured by your side. Two sheaths (small tubes) will be inserted into your groin or wrist and groin. Long, flexible tubes or catheters are threaded through these tubes until they reach the appropriate heart chamber under x-ray guidance. The required tests are then performed.

After your Right and Left Heart Catheter, the sheaths in your wrist or groin will be removed.  Generally, you will be discharged from hospital approximately 3 hours later following recovery.