For Professionals

Our highly experienced team of cardiologists and staff are committed to providing your patients with the very best care.

For information on how to refer your patient to our practice, please see below. For further information, please contact our friendly staff.

Electronic Correspondence

It is our preference to receive referrals and correspondence electronically please. We are able to receive correspondence via the following secure methods:

  • Healthlink: EDI ‘cardiovs’
  • Fax: (08) 8362 2273


Our referral form has been designed to meet Medicare’s statutory requirements for valid referrals. Patients will not be able to claim Medicare rebates unless they have a valid referral at the time of the appointment. Invalid referrals cannot be corrected retrospectively after the day of attendance at our rooms.

Checklist for valid referrals

Addressed to:

  • When referring for consultations, please refer to a specific doctor at our practice
  • Diagnostic test referrals can be addressed to the practice only or unspecified doctor

Patient details:

  • Must have a minimum of 3 patient identifiers on a referral for it to be valid

Clinical details:

  • Why the patient is coming to our practice & what they should have done

Referring practitioner details:

  • Must include Name, Provider Number, Address and Signature


  • Date of referral to be included

The above applies to all referrals, including public hospital referrals. You can find a link to our online referral form to complete on this page for your convenience.

Period of referral

If the period of the referral is not specified, Medicare deems it to be 12 months for GPs and 3 months for specialists/physicians.

If, as a GP, you wish to make an indefinite referral, please use the word “indefinite” to convey this. This will avoid your staff being contacted for new referrals when we are not sure of your intentions. Please do not use phrases such as “ongoing care” or “continuing care” as indefinite referrals. Although these phrases can be recognised by Medicare, it is not always this easy to interpret the GPs intention.

Developing new and innovative approaches to heart problems and patient care

Together with the University of Adelaide's Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders (CHRD), we are involved in multiple studies, ranging from 'pure' research to applied clinical trials and consultancies. You can help us continue to expand our important research program, and make an impact of your own. This will ultimately benefit everyone undergoing treatment for heart rhythm disorders.

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