Celine Gallagher

Dr Celine Gallagher is an academic nurse, combining both an academic and clinical career.
Celine Gallagher

She has held several specialist clinical cardiology roles in the United Kingdom and Australia including management of a rapid access chest pain clinic, a nurse led angina clinic, a nurse led angioplasty clinic and as a cardiac rehabilitation consultant.

Since entering a research career, she has focussed on improving outcomes in arrhythmia, with a special focus on atrial fibrillation (AF). She completed her PhD in 2019, which explored the role of alternative models of care delivery and cardiovascular risk factor management to improve outcomes in AF. Her postdoctoral work continues to focus on translational clinical research, implementing and evaluating interventions to improve outcomes and reduce health care burden in the AF population.

Celine runs the multidisciplinary cardiovascular risk factor management clinic at the Cardiovascular Centre, in conjunction with our specialist cardiologists.