Dr Varun Malik

Dr Varun Malik is a Cardiologist with a strong academic focus. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Varun completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (with honours) at the University of Western Australia. He has an extensive experience in many centres throughout Australia; having completed his early medical training in Perth (Royal Perth Hospital) and then his Cardiology specialist training at both the Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide as well as the Canberra Hospital, ACT. He is currently undertaking a fellowship in the subspecialty of cardiac electrophysiology at the Royal Adelaide hospital.

He manages all aspects of cardiovascular medicine with expertise in cardiac rhythm device (pacemaker) management.  He has a particular interest in the autonomic contribution to cardiovascular disease and is currently completing a PhD at the Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders (University of Adelaide) in this area.

He is the primary investigator of a current study being conducted at the Cardiovascular centre through the University of Adelaide. He has disseminated his research through presentations at national and international meetings (where he has been awarded prizes for his work) and he has published his manuscripts in well-respected, international, peer-reviewed Cardiology journals.

Varun also contributes to cardiac health care delivery in rural and remote communities having worked in rural Western Australia and in Darwin – where he was involved in cardiac outreach services to remote communities in the Northern Territory. He is currently serving as the only visiting Cardiologist to the indigenous community of Yalata, SA.


  • Professor Sanders says...

    Atrial fibrillation is a consequence of several reversible risk factors - high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnoea, and excessive alcohol. Your management of atrial fibrillation must include strict control of these risk factors.