Our People

Our friendly staff are committed to providing excellence in patient care. They are all well qualified and knowledgeable about patients and their cardiac conditions.  We are passionate about delivering excellence in care by respect, support, and understanding to each individual in order to obtain the best quality experience. 

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The Cardiologists in our group are academic and tertiary hospital physicians who are highly trained and leaders in their field. As individuals each cardiologist comes with a wealth of clinical and research experience in their areas of expertise, and are completely up to date with state-of-the-art cardiovascular care.

Our group is regarded as one of the finest and most experienced electrophysiology clinics in the Australia, led by a team of world renowned Electrophysiologists and supported by dedicated technicians.

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Our technicians are extensively trained Cardiac sonographers. Attending conferences and ongoing training ensures they further their skills and are at the forefront of current innovations.

Furthering their development our technicians also assist with clinical cardiac research and trials.

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Research Team

Our clinical group has strong associations with the Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders at the University of Adelaide, and their research is internationally renowned, attracting numerous awards. They have contributed greatly to the understanding of the mechanisms of various aspects of heart disease and have been at the forefront of developing new and innovative treatment tools.

The physicians in our EP clinic are involved in cutting edge research into cardiac rhythm disorders. The experience and expertise of our EP team has placed our EP clinic among the top referral centres in Australia for evaluation and treatment of complex arrhythmias.

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  • Professor Sanders says...

    Atrial fibrillation is a consequence of several reversible risk factors - high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnoea, and excessive alcohol. Your management of atrial fibrillation must include strict control of these risk factors.