Holter Monitor

General Information

This is a portable ECG monitor worn for a period of 24 hours or several days to assess your heart rhythm over an extended period as you go about your normal activities. It is used in the evaluation of palpitations or blackouts. It takes 15 - 20 mins to fit and no preparation is required.

Similar to an ECG it provides information on the heart rate and the rhythm. However, it does this over a prolonged period of time. Shown below are some examples of findings on holter monitoring. You may be asked to wear this for just 24 hours or a few days depending on the indications for the test.

  • Professor Sanders says...

    Atrial fibrillation is a consequence of several reversible risk factors - high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnoea, and excessive alcohol. Your management of atrial fibrillation must include strict control of these risk factors.